Monday, July 12, 2010

~*★Blink Up Your Life★*~

Jealous of others girls which own more expensive phones?

Ever thought of how to make your phone become UNIQUELY YOUR STYLE?

Following the Japanese trend and eager to get closer to it?

Here's your CHANCE to change EVERYTHING!!!


We're currently decorating plastic phone protection covers for sale! All those blinking crystals are sticked one by one carefully to the phone protection covers and after its done, we'll mail it directly to you! Isn't it great?

Besides phone protection covers, we do decorate some other things such as camera, laptop, earphone, mp3 player and so much more!

If you have your own unique design in your head, you can definitely draw it down and email to us! We will try our best to satisfy each and every request of yours just to make your life goes ★blink blink★!!!

Do check out this site always for more promotions and discounts! ヾ(☆▽☆)

Terms n Conditions:
1. Good(s) sold is (are) not exchangeable or refundable
2. All prices stated exclude shipment fee
3. Buyers bear the shipping fee
4. Serious buyers only
5. All good(s) are 100% brand new

Payment Method:
Public Bank

Shipping Method:
Post Laju

Please contact us:

Kindly ask for more infos or pictures of the product(s) you interested.
Feel free to email or PM us anytime.
Basically we DON'T keep stock so all items are made upon request.
If you interested in any sold item, you can email us, and we will try our best to make it for you. Thank you!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Fuua~ Long Time No Update >_<

Woooah~ Long time no online.... V_V Sorry for my late reply ya~ =_="

Here's some of my customer's phone and camera... ^_^
*BlackJack's E65, bling front cover only~ With some flowers! Black and Elegant right?*

*Yeah~ This is the James Bond phone!! Sony Ericsson C902!! Hehe~ First get the cover feel quite weird, got two small pieces...*

*Laylay's Z710i.... She wants some sweet rockish feel, and she design this all by herself! hehe~ ^_^*

*This is my camera Nikon S210~ Blink-ed with pink rhinestones~ Will plan to do other colour... Maybe later~ ^^*

*Peiyue's Purple-ed Olympus camera~ Hehe... Sparkling~*

That's all for now....
Still got plenty of photosssssss not yet update....
Will try to update more often since EXAM OVER!!!!!! XD

If want to blink your items, do leave your comment beside the chatbox or email us ya~
(I prefer you email me la... Haha~ XD)

Friday, September 19, 2008

September Ordersss

Sorry for no updates for such a long time... Many things happened lately~ Hehe! But anyway, shall post some photos... These are orders from customer around the month of September...

*Motorola V3 - Layered Love Design*

*Love with Name "Angel"*

*Sony Ericsson's (I forgot what model! ^^") custom design Lover bees!*

*Pinkish, Lovely Crown design for Sony Ericssons P1i*

*This customer order 2 phone in a row - blue one she plan to give her friend as birthday gift! All specially design by herself!*

Still more to come!! ^o^

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Rainbow-ish Laptop

Yeanie emailed me and make me so surprise that she wanna modified her laptop cover...
The picture you saw is 100% PURE MY OWN design for her laptop cover. There will be NO OTHER LAPTOP cover look like this one. ONE AND ONLY.
For my dear friend - Yeanie!
P.S: So, you know, copy this thing and make it will against the law lo~ Copyrighted!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

♡♡♡~*Love is in the air*~♡♡♡

All girls like to be loved~ ♡
Same as your gadgets too!!!
Recently alot of girls asking to do "LOVE" motive designs to the phone jacket...
So, Not just pinkish love, there's so many kind of colours can show love right?
*Pinkish Full of LOVE*
*Cool Blue Love*
*Pinkish Leopard Prints with an initial 'K'*
*Pinkish love with an initial 'T'*
*The 'LOVE' cover for Ipod NANO*

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

♡★♡Girlish Theme BIG HEAT NOW!!!♡★♡

Yes, alot of people asked us is there any samples can show?
So now, this series of samples will be categorise under the "Pink, Girlish" category...
So if you wanna modified your phone just like how the sample is, just simply email us, or post your shoutout, comments!


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sony Ericsson K660i Gradient Pink Black Heart

FULL of pinkish beads and a very obvious black heart shape at the back cover.

And from the feedback I get from the phone owner, she said that beads are totally hard to remove!!! So glad to hear that she's satisfied and happy with this!

For more info and enquiries, do post shoutout, comments or email us: